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DalyDose of…Union+AT&T Savings

WP_000517Please note that what I am telling you about here applies to ANY union member, who is (or wants to be) an AT&T Wireless subscriber.  My message is geared toward actors, but is just as applicable to unions of all jobs, in all industries across the land.  Now on to my regularly scheduled blog.

This is the first blog entry where I’m saving you money on technology and productivity.  Yay me!  How about I start it off with a quick JD video intro…

Read on to learn HOW to take advantage of the savings!

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SAG AFTRA Merger–Don’t Know, Vote NO

IMG_9156The establishment of the SAGAFTRA, “One Union” merger have been pulling out all of the stops during this attempt of guild blending.  Well, by “all of the stops”, I mean they are parading celebrity pleas for “YES” votes and ignoring critical questions.  I had questions and was directed to call or email the people at  It’s been weeks with multiple attempts and I still have no response.

They’ve held online meetings, one of which I viewed, and in person meetings and they’ve sent out slick mailers, but have failed to answer any of the questions that I’ve had.  It was extremely frustrating not being heard by the people purporting to represent my interests.

THEN I see SAG-AFTRA post this Lewis Black rant:

He must be right…he’s yelling and talking down to me.

Besides being another celebrity who has NONE of the same needs that I have, this is just downright insulting.  Those of us who dare question this merger need to “think for once”?   The ONLY thing funny about this clip is that he rails on people for clinging to a slogan but only really offers slogans in return.  Oh yeah, he gives the “guy working on two cartoons at once” scenario, because that happens to a majority of the membership on a regular basis.  Other than that, he’s just spewing establishment talking points, in a really loud voice.

There are lots of things that I Don’t Know about this proposed merger and that’s why I’m leaning towards no.  Here are the major ones: Read the rest of this entry

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