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A Nokia Lumia and JD Walk Into A Mall


This blog will be random-palooza.  I’ve got pictures and JD observations to share.  It will (hopefully) be funny and (hopefully) make you think and (probably) further cement my relationship status on “SINGLE”.

What it won’t be is complaining about how crowded and crazy my trip to the mall was.  The Westfield Century Plaza was by all accounts, very pleasant this morning.  I drove in and parked pretty close to the escalator and I was in the shopping zone before I knew it.

The music was holiday theme’d, but modern and lovely.  There were no crazies, no yelling, no desperate shoppers ruining the experience for everyone.  What there were, were painted deer sculptures.  Seriously.  Stay tuned for that because you KNOW I have pictures.

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Christmas Shopping Lessons

WP_20121223_001Things I’ve learned Christmas shopping…so far:

It’s been a bustling holiday season and many people starting playing Christmas music at Halloween soon to be followed up with crazy shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Neither of those “traditions” appeal to the joyous pressure of procrastination that I go through.  This year, I made an effort to pay attention to the process and to share some lessons with you.  The value of these lessons is up for debate, which I encourage.

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