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Summer 2013–1st Playlist

WP_20130517_002Well, it is about summer time.  That means warm weather, parties, vacations, days at the beach and summer jams that get played over and over, but supply the soundtrack of memories.  I think the songs that will be on repeat rotation are just coming out and here is the first batch that I’m playing.  Enjoy and feel free to add your own in the comments section. Smile

* Photo note: my portable sounds this summer will be powered by the Nokia Purity earbuds(by Monster) , Sony X Headphones and the Sony NFC/Bluetooth enabled mobile speaker.

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Movie Going Experience

IMG_6514_edited-1It’s that time of year.  The weather gets hot and we all head inside to see big summer blockbuster films.  We all know that the films vary in quality as much as they do story.  That makes the risk great, considering the monetary investment involved.  How do you hedge your bet?

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