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A PureView of the Pacific Design Center

I took a little walk and thought that I’d share the Pacific Design Center exterior with you.  Enjoy the campus of modern buildings and fountain in a garden style setting.  Obviously, I used the Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture it all.  It’s all handheld and I wasn’t being particularly careful so the Optical Image Stabilizer was working hard.  Also, you can see that the microphone works really well…almost too well for standard host-style speaking, because it picks up everything.

Indoor Elements

Just because you might be at home, inside, does not mean that you don’t have stuff to shoot. I found all the elements (fire, wind, water), right inside. The Nokia Lumia 1020 helped me capture them.

I used the Phototastic app to put the 3 pics together. Now I’m using the WordPress app to post. This Windows Phone is a content creating wonder!!

* the individual pics will be posted at

Playing With Water


Yeah, yeah, yeah…we all know that the Nokia Lumia devices are tough. There are videos of them being used as hammers and getting shot by rifles and put through the blender.  Those things are impressive, but how well will this Lumia 1020 play with water?

I was inspired by an article on the Nokia Conversations blog and this device isn’t really mine, so I thought I’d give it a go. Winking smile

Now before the people at Nokia freak out about how I’m treating this device that they’ve lent me, let’s get into it…

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