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DalyDose of…SWEAT!

JDE IconIt was August 31, 2011 and I added a jolt to the JD Experience.  There was need for a kick-start and when the opportunity presented itself, I took on the challenge.  It started with the normal Spinning class that I teach at 7:30, then it was an hour in the weight room, then I taught the 9:30 class.  After that I went home and lived the day like a mere mortal, until I then taught the 6:30pm class after battling LA traffic to only be a couple of minutes late.  Yeah, I think that adds to the super hero thing I got going on in my own mind.  Seriously, in my self-image, I’ve got a cape and everything.

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Mango-nificent Love


“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” –Mother Teresa

Could both hungers be satiated with a little mango?

I love my Samsung Focus as much as one can love an electronic device, but that is not what this blog entry is about.  I have a developer unlocked device and thus, I have Microsoft’s test version of the latest iteration of Windows Phone, codenamed “Mango”.

This writing is not 100% mango centric.  Many of the apps are available for any major smartphone platform.  There are some features that are built-in to Windows Phone Mango and I’ll point those out.

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DalyDose of…WP7 Apps Wanted

I love my Samsung Focus, I really do.  The Windows Phone 7 experience is amazing and I no longer get the “I feel sorry” look from iPhone users.  Sure they still speak in terms of superiority, but the “cool gap” is closing.

Part of what makes up the “cool gap” is apps.  In 6 weeks of existence, I don’t expect Windows Phone Marketplace to have caught up to iPhone and Android app stores in quantity, but I expect some quality competition.  I have been active in app collection and have found quite a few; that list is forthcoming.  This post is a Wish List of apps that I’d love to see.  Maybe the developers will give us all a happy holiday treat in the near future.

Here is my Top 10…scratch that…Top 9 list of wanted apps

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DalyDose of…Bed Blogging

That’s not just where I sleep; it’s my new writing workspace

It’s early Saturday morning and raining outside. I haven’t mustered out of bed yet, but that doesn’t have to impede my productivity.

I am armed with my Samsung Focus, my new Windows Phone 7 device and I am ready to work. I took the picture about a week ago and tweaked it up with Thumba, a photo editing app. Not too shabby for a phone pic, but I’ll write my Samsung Focus review later.

The BIG NEWS was that WordPress released their own blogging app, which is allowing me to write and publish this post from bed. The app is well put together. It uses the panorama features of wp7 really well. You can use it to write your blog posts and also manage comments and check stats. I’m having an issue with the stats right now, but I’m not too worried. The app has only been out a few days and they’ve already had an update. Hey developers…we love that.

I’m still getting used to typing on the screen so I won’t make this a full review, but so far I am imPressed! See what I did there? I made you laugh in my bed. Wait…uh…thats not good.

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DalyDose of…Windows Phone 7 Wish List

Let me start out by stating that I absolutely love my Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7 (wp7).  I am a fan, but I am not a cultish type of user.  I am well aware of the shortcomings and I’m confident that they will be addressed.  In fact, an update is due in “early 2011” and the rumor mill says it is massive and will be in January.

I have had my hands on the phone for just under a week and have been a heavy user.  I’ve put it through it’s paces.  I’m not ready for a full-on review as of yet, but I do have my “Top 20 Windows Phone 7 Fixes” that I’d like Microsoft to take care of ASAP.  I’m sure that Mr. Ballmer will not be reading my blog, but hey you gotta put it out there if you want something to happen, right?

OK, here’s the list:

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