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Zoom Reinvented – Tigers Fan Shrine

I setup the shot, but don’t have to decide on the framing. The 41 megapixels gives me options, later.

You can actually read the info of the ticket. My mom went to a game and sent it for my shrine!

In other news, GO TIGERS!!!

Zoom Reinvented

41 megapixel + optical image stabilization = awesome!

Check out the beautiful full image and then see how Nokia’s Pro Camera app on the Lumia 1020 allows extreme zooming with great results!

Hump Day with the Magically Humped Lumia 1020


It’s Wednesday and we like to call it “hump day”, as in getting over the hump of mid-week and smooth sailing into the weekend.  In a recent commercial, a camel was used to play on the word a bit.  It makes sense because the camel hump is making sure that the camel survives when resources are sparse.  In the same way, the 1020 hump makes sure that memories survive when light and proximity aren’t optimally available.  Happy Hump Day and read on to see what other tasks I’ve accomplished with the device, thus far!

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My 1st Nokia Lumia 1020 Video Test


No, the pictures to the left are not from the video shoot.  I did a photo shoot in Venice and those are some samples. Nice, huh?  I know, you came here to see some video footage, but wanted to share that with you as well as a couple of “phone” bits of info:

* One thing that I miss from the 920? I miss the wireless charging. I’m so in the habit that I still place the 1020 on the wireless charging pad for no reason.

* One thing that the 1020 has that 920 doesn’t?  The wrist strap. I know I mentioned that already, but I feel so much more secure with that thing on.

I promised to chime in on non-imaging issues/observations, so that’s that for today.  Now to the video, after the break.

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