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DalyDose of…Windows Phone 7 Wish List

Let me start out by stating that I absolutely love my Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7 (wp7).  I am a fan, but I am not a cultish type of user.  I am well aware of the shortcomings and I’m confident that they will be addressed.  In fact, an update is due in “early 2011” and the rumor mill says it is massive and will be in January.

I have had my hands on the phone for just under a week and have been a heavy user.  I’ve put it through it’s paces.  I’m not ready for a full-on review as of yet, but I do have my “Top 20 Windows Phone 7 Fixes” that I’d like Microsoft to take care of ASAP.  I’m sure that Mr. Ballmer will not be reading my blog, but hey you gotta put it out there if you want something to happen, right?

OK, here’s the list:

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