Weekend With Chevy Volt

I’m pretty “charged” up to spend the weekend with the 2012 Chevy Volt.  So far…so awesome!

FYI – I got to test out the Volt because I have Klout (www.klout.com).  Here’s the disclaimer (http://klout.com/corp/perks).  

Day One
Today was a rainy, stormy day, thus not the best day for capturing photos and video of this car, but we have better weather coming for the rest of the weekend.  I’ll keep updating this page with good stuff.

Did you get a good look at her body?  No?

Day 1 – Lesson 1
This car is QUIET, plus you don’t put the key in anywhere.  It turns off and on with a power button.  Earlier today, I parked went in somewhere and came back out 30 minutes later only to discover that I had left it (silently) running.
Day 1 – Lesson 2
Not all charging stations are fittted for all electric vehicles. Who knew? Don’t believe me? You want video proof? Um….OK.  Here I am at the Kings Road Parking Structure in West Hollywood.


Day 2

I found charging relief at the Burbank Mall.  (Hint: They are outside of the parking structure in front of Sports Chalet).  That pitstop netted me two video opportunities.

Video 1 – Burbank Charging

I hadn’t seen another Volt out “in the wild” until I visited the charging station.  I guess, it’s like a watering hole in the desert and the Volts come together to feed from the stream of current.  Anyway, I met a very satisfied Volt owner and I just had to ask for an interiew.  He agreed and here’s what he had to say!

Video 2 – Interview at Burbank Charging Station

I went to see Hunger Games at the Westfield Century Plaza and couldn’t find the charging station.  When I was leaving, the guard working the garage gate let me know that the next time I come, I should park in the green section and charge up for free.  DOH…the GREEEEEEEEN secion.  That makes perfect sense to me, now.

Day 2 Lesson – Volt owners are a community!

Day 3

This was the last full day I had with the Volt.  I headed out to Toluca Lake and met up with my friends Natalie and Johnny.  We talked business for a bit and then went to play with the car.  Natalie had actually test driven the vehicle before and learned a LOT about it.  She’s a big fan.  We have over 8 minutes of footage, so this teaser is just a little sample of what Natalie has to say about the car.  I’ll have more up this week…PROMISE!  Note: Natalies husband, Johnny handled the phone camera so I could actually get into one of these interviews.  He’s a superstar in the making!!

The Final Day
Well, I knew this day would come, but I am going to miss this Volt even more than I thought.  ‘Twas a great time and I hope to see it again at some point.

A sense of Michigan pride took over in this first, ‘last day ‘ video

Here’s the official last video of my Weekend With Volt.  The JD Experience with the electric vehicle is over.  Here’s the good bye video along with a quick tour of the interior.


  1. I neeeeeeeeed one!!!

  2. I neeeeeeed one! I love these cars- as soon as they make them affordable for my “income bracket,” I’m snatching one up 🙂

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