DalyDose of…Arby’s Power Lunch

“Feels like an Arby’s Night” –David Puddy on “Seinfeld”

I will apologize at the onset that I failed to find a video of the Seinfeld clip where David Puddy declares to Elaine that “It feels like an Arby’s night”.  It’s a classic line that deserves more attention from YouTube uploaders. 

IMAGE_058Nonetheless, the mission was clear.  Terah and I had been planning an Arby’s outing for a few months.  Then the magic moment where everything came together happened.  Her schedule, my schedule and our feeding schedules all aligned and we descended upon Arby’s.

This trip was part social, part craving satisfaction and part business.  All parts equaled approximately 2.5 hours…in Arby’s.  I’m not making that up.

The time seems excessive, but it kind of goes along with how Terah and I met.  We met at Barney’s Beanery.  For those of you who know me, this comes as no surprise as I get mail at Barney’s and direct deposit into my tab account there.  I met Terah sitting at the bar sometime during Happy Hour (4-7pm) and we chatted and laughed until…well…uh…closing time.  Don’t judge me, we were having a great time! 

Since one can’t live on Barney’s alone, we found a mutual guilty pleasure and decided that we should embark on a journey to Arby’s.  There aren’t a ton of locations and we really had two to choose from .  The one we always talked about on Sunset or a newer on on  La Cienega.  Terah decided we should go “old school”.  I responded that I’m just a man and thus used to doing what I’m told so we went to Sunset.

IMAGE_047I dunno what it is about places like that but we both had a case of the “go big or go home” syndrome.  You think I’m kidding?  Check out this spread!

We were not messing around, ladies and gentleman.  This is what we ate while we laughed at ourselves for eating it.  We’re in Los freakin Angeles and there is nary an unfried vegetable in sight.  We might just get kicked out. 

Although, it is County Fair season and we could be eating worse, like FRIED BUTTER

If this gluttonous display wasn’t sad enough, you should have seen us arranging the spread for our camera-phone photo session for Twitter/Facebook style social networking.  IMAGE_048Here we are posing with evidence of our “carbofatcaloric” offenses.  Ridiculous? Maybe.  Tasty?  You betcha!
I do have to admit that I’m glad that I didn’t eat any breakfast and may not have time to eat anything for dinner.  This one trip to the “concentrated buffet” might ‘round out’ my non-alcohol consumption for the day.

The good news is that Terah was able to “muse” me and she is helping me develop a project or two, so that we can work on retirement, as we now put it.

IMAGE_051To sum it up, this was the most fun and productive two plus hours that I’ve had in a long time.  It was WAY better than any movie that I’ve seen recently.  I mean really, in a movie can you learn things about people the way you can when they empty their purses?  Can you discover in just a brief moment that someone is a bit germaphobic and slightly ObComp?  Yes….yes, you can!

Seriously people, where is the YouTube clip of “It feels like an Arby’s night”?  This blog entry feels a bit incomplete withouth it.  Ya know like a Large Arbys sandwich combo that adds drink and curly fries, but you then forget to order the side of jalapeno poppers…in-com-plete.

EDIT: In an effort to keep up my webcred, Terah has brought it to my attention that the audio clip is available on YouTube: 

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  1. such an awesome day! look forward to our weekly muse meetings!

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