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Ralph Guzzo

I met Ralph Guzzo as a referral from Sufe Bradshaw, another client of mine.  Ralph and I had never met and I am not sure if we even spoke on the phone until the day before the shoot to setup the time.  The timing was perfect because it was widely noted that my last photography promotional postcard didn’t have any male actors.  I was starting to look like one of those creepy Hollywood photographers that only shoot beautiful actresses…which isn’t a bad gig if you can lose the creepy tag.

Ralph and I planned to go downtown and do some very serious pictures with an urban background to showcase his “federal agent” look.  Well, when I got there we did some test shoots and realized that his house was an amazing place to shoot.  We ended up staying there and getting the job done.

I have to say that we worked well together.  You can tell that we were down to get any good shot imaginable.  The creativity was there…the collaborative trust was instantaneous and we got some great shots.  We also got some crazy shots that we both loved.  Almost in honor of Sufe (aka Hollywood) we also networked with each other and brainstormed a short film that we will also shoot in his house.

All in all, it was a good day…and we didn’t have to go downtown!

Ralph Guzzo on IMDb
Ralph Guzzo on Facebook

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