DalyDose of…Labor Day Kickoff in Pictures


No, I don’t mean the football games.  There are no games until Michigan takes on Alabama today.  Go Blue.  I speak of the Friday that kicks off the long Labor Day weekend, that I get to celebrate regardless of my employment status.  What a great country.

Yesterday, I was prepared to have a Netflix night at home with my microwave popcorn in a lunch bag, made “famous” in this YouTube video.  That thrilling video was put together on another thrilling night in the JDE.  Try not to be too jealous.  Alas, my date with streaming video was cancelled by a better offer.

The offer was so good that I had to give the ‘ole skull a fresh shave.  Here is a representation over time of my preparation of a fresh skull.  It is not always easy being JD…it takes work, but the final product is soooo worth it.


My friend Adelicia Morris, put together a little outing to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (LACMA). It was one of their free jazz concerts and I was invited!  Please note, that many of my corporate job having, tax paying friends, were at the Hollywood Bowl hearing Tchaikovsky played to fireworks.


No, we didn’t get Tchaikovsky, but we were treated to some great music by Carol Welsman…and clearly you can see that fireworks were replaced with the artsy streetlight installation at LACMA.  It was a great show and really if you didn’t like it, you could could get 100% of your cash investment back. Winking smile

It turns out that hanging out at LACMA not only allowed us to see jazz, but they’ve got a pretty amazing “rock show” happening too.  I took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot with my Nokia Lumia 900.  Here’s a little collage I made with an app called Tap Collage.  Yes, Windows Phone has apps too.


Let’s do a little tour, shall we.

  • Background – the sun setting just to the left of the big rock.
  • Upper right – this is the space between a rock and a hard place.
  • Upper middle – JD attempting to move the “Levitated Mass”
  • Upper left – Adelicia (Rachel) being a bad ass.
  • Bottom right – seriously, this is a truly poetic moment of her holding a scotch on the rocks AND holding up a big rock.  How do I get this displayed inside LACMA?
  • Bottom left – I thought I’d try to take the rock home by hiding it in my beer.  As you can see it’s just a liiiiiitle bit too wide.

WP_000698So the show was good.  The rock was massive and the weather was pleasant.  You couldn’t ask for more, right? WRONG!  The lights at LACMA are an iconic image, but the light show we talked about was the blue moon from above.  NOTE: It’s awesome that the day of the memorial service for Neil Armstrong happened to also have a blue moon that night.  NOTE #2:  It only occurred to me, right now, that it would have been a memorial gesture to have ordered Blue Moon beer and toasted both the moon and the man who took one small step/giant leap on said Earth orbiting rock.  ARG…missed opportunity and photo opp.

Please don’t think for a moment that I forgot to “aim for the moon” with my phone’s camera.  No, no, no…such an omission would be so unlike me.  Again, I made a little collage.  Can I point out how awesome the cameras on phones are getting?  These are though lighting situations for them to handle and they do way better than I would expect. In addition to my Lumia’s great camera, I used one of my favorite apps, Fhotoroom, to assist.  (It has more precise control of exposure and focus placement.) Anyway, enough of this reading for you.  Here are the pretty pictures:

So that’s was my Friday Nights (with lights).  It’s good to be in the JDE.  I’m available to hang out and I *will* take pictures and play with them and post them and you’ll be famous among my audience of more than a dozen.  Ummm hmmm…

OK, I gotta run and get ready to watch me some football.  Did I mention #GoBlue?

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  1. Is this all at LACMA? I want to go now haha

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