Photography Tip: Stop. Pull Over. Pay Attention.

WP_20150227_7742Today’s photography tip doesn’t require you to buy any special equipment of grasp any concepts or even practice to get it right.  I just want you to slow down in life, notice what’s happening around you and find things you want to capture in your photography.  Sometimes when you’re driving, you might want to pull over and park, because you see something that you want to take a photo of.  You might want to walk a new area or even your own neighborhood, to seek out interesting subjects.

When you get in this mindset, you’ll see photo opportunities everywhere.  While you’re doing that, you’re also training your “eye” and your photo framing will get better and you’ll find interesting perspectives.  Don’t worry about any of that now, just remember: STOP. PULL OVER. PAY ATTENTION.

The past few days, I’ve been doing just that with my Lumia 1020.  Let’s see what I found! 🙂

I was driving home from an appointment and I drove past what they call “The Great Wall of Los Angeles”, on the LA River.  If you aren’t familiar with the concrete river of Los Angeles, it has it’s own official website.  The “Great Wall” doesn’t have its own site, but it has Yelp Reviews, a Patch column, a LA River Story video, etc.  I found some great photos to take, but I also learned a little more about this city that I live in.

Anyway, I was driving and decided to STOP and PULL OVER.  Here’s what I shot!


I started with this panorama.  I think it helps show the scale of this mural.


Closer to home, I decided to do a photo walk.  It was time to PAY ATTENTION to the area so familiar to me that I likely walk past every day.   I needed to get my 5000 steps in, anyway, so I slapped on my Microsoft Band, grabbed the Lumia for music and camera and headed out.


Then just yesterday, I went on a run and turned it into a photo run.  I took time to STOP what I was doing and was rewarded with some great finds.

I know we are all busy, but I hope you’ll consider taking moments to find beauty and things of interest, no matter where you are.

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  1. thanks for sharing Jeff., this very usefull for me, that new learn in photography.
    nice posting, greeting for me photographer base on indonesia.. foto wedding semarang

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