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WP_000517Please note that what I am telling you about here applies to ANY union member, who is (or wants to be) an AT&T Wireless subscriber.  My message is geared toward actors, but is just as applicable to unions of all jobs, in all industries across the land.  Now on to my regularly scheduled blog.

This is the first blog entry where I’m saving you money on technology and productivity.  Yay me!  How about I start it off with a quick JD video intro…

Read on to learn HOW to take advantage of the savings!

Please note the following generalizations about actors that make this such an exciting prospect.

  • We are a mobile group and smartphones have become essential tools.  With them we can view videos on YouTube and Netflix to “research” shows;  We can even upload auditions.  We can check emails and websites for casting information.  We can get guided directions to wherever we need to go. We can even manage our careers with software like www.performertrack.com.  We can do ALL of this anywhere our mobile lives might have us.
  • Collectively, we lack grown-up levels of monetary revenue…we’re poor! Smile

These would seem to be conflicting ‘givens’ in our little equation of existence, but assistance has come from two unlikely sources.

Your union (in partnership with Union Plus) and AT&T have a dealio, to the tune of 15% off of your wireless service.  Yes, you heard that right…FIFTEEN PERCENT!  (That equates to the equivialent of a free month almost every 7 months)

You’ll need to go to a corporate AT&T store to get this done and you need to take a FAN# with you along with proof of union membership (I used ID card) and photo ID.  They will make photocopies of these and a manager will enter it into their system and you’ll see it within 24 hours on your account, if you check online.

NOTE: In the past, this required a new 2 year agreement, but not now.  You can just save with no additional commitment.  Also, you get “upgraded” support.  When you call in from your phone with the new savings code on your account, you are directed to “Enterprise Support”.  They seem to be on top of their game.  If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve had to deal with less than competent staff in the forums, the worst being the “Community  Manager”.  Seriously, she’s a nightmare for AT&T and they don’t even know it.  Anyway, after you upgrade to the savings, you’ll get Enterprise Support and won’t have to deal with that sort anymore. PHEW!

So the short of it all is that if you are in a union (SAG-AFTRA for actors) and you are also an AT&T customer, that means that you are eligible to get 15% off.  I’m not sure why they aren’t pushing this more other than at Union Plus.  Please go here to get more detailed information: http://www.unionplus.org/cell-phone-wireless/att-wireless
*if you try to be lazy and don’t go into the store, I can’t guarantee that you won’t end up with a new/extended agreement.  The online link is a SHOPPING link.  Do yourself a favor and just pop into the store for a quick 5 minutes.

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  1. PerformerTrack offers $20 off your 1st year discount to all union members. Simply use Coupon Code SAGW3 (doesn’t matter which union you are in or if it’s in the US or not). Thanks for the mention. Let us know if you include us in a video so we can promote it too. Enjoy!

  2. You are freaking adorable. 🙂 And great post (as always!)

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