Playing With Water


Yeah, yeah, yeah…we all know that the Nokia Lumia devices are tough. There are videos of them being used as hammers and getting shot by rifles and put through the blender.  Those things are impressive, but how well will this Lumia 1020 play with water?

I was inspired by an article on the Nokia Conversations blog and this device isn’t really mine, so I thought I’d give it a go. Winking smile

Now before the people at Nokia freak out about how I’m treating this device that they’ve lent me, let’s get into it…

I hope the good people at Nokia Connects haven’t imploded out of fear that I’m putting their device through the rinse cycle of the dishwasher!  There’s a small element of hydro-danger at the end, but for now, I’ll just so you some water pictures. I was playing with the Pro Camera app today and got some good stuff!

For some tips on capturing water drops, see this story:


OK, so not for the danger.  I wanted to test out a shot that I want to use for a video and it’s kind of like…well, I’ll just show you the test.

Fear not, this is the setup that I was using.  I put the phone on top of a bowl with a flat bottom.  Then I put a clear glass bowl over that setup.  The first bowl keeps the device above the moisture below and the glass bowl keeps the flowing water off of it yet allows the lens to capture the water.  I learned a couple of things.  1.  I need to find a more rounded glass bowl so the water will drain away more quickly and 2.  Don’t use a clear glass.  A solid colored dish or mug will be ideal.


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