Meatza Meatza

Meatza, Meatza!!

This #MB2W is a challenge. It’s a discipline challenge, but it’s also a cooking challenge. I like carbs. There I said it. I’ve also been having random thoughts:

  • I want Pizza.
    *Did you know Michigan is home to Little Caesars (Pizza, Pizza!) and Domino’s? I know…you don’t have to say it. They aren’t my first choice, either.
    *Did I mention that I want pizza? I love it. Yes, 3rd grade me, I’d marry it.

Discipline takes over. I will still eat Protein+Fats+Vegetables, but I will enjoy that shizz. It’s my right as a American…no as a human friggin being. Pizza is life!

The idea of a meatza, is that the crust is meat. As I’ve not yet braved the cauliflower crust trend, this was my only other choice.

I bought ground pork. I wanted ground hot Italian sausage, but it wasn’t on the shelf, at that time. Arg. I bought a little less than a pound because when I attemted this recipe years ago, I made the crust too thick and it was less than awesome.

Preheat that oven to 450.

Oil up the baking sheet. I put a bit of the olive oil and spread it with a paper towel to give a light sheen to the pan. Use a baking sheet with lifted edges to catch any grease

You can add spices to the ground meat. I used garlic powder, cayenne, salt and pepper, and mixed it all together.

Put it out in the pan and beat your meat. Phrasing! <— (TV Show reference challenge). Spread it thin and get to the edge. I didn’t make it. A full pound would have, though.

Throw this into to the oven for 10-15 minutes. If yours is super thin, it will be closer to 10.

Pull it out. Phrasing. Set the oven to broil and Jerry’s get to the toppings.

I found a pizza sauce with no sugar in the ingredients. Yay. I spread that across the crust and put some garlic salt on top. Next came a layer of mozzarella, then the basil leaves and then more mozzarella. I thought that with the “meat me at the pan” situation, that pepperoni might be overkill. Thoughts?? For some odd reason, I didn’t put jalapeño on there. Yes, this is still me. I blame the brain fart on a lack of carbs.

Throw this meat pie back in the oven with the broil setting for like 4-5 minutes.


Now meat me in the living room to Netflix and Be Shook. I watched the last episode (of 3) of that Aaron Hernandez docu-series. I mean…whoa. That dude. Crazy.


I liked this ok. I still prefer good ole-fashioned, gluten abundant, wheat crust. GMO is just better, people. The lab got that one right! This thinner version is definitely the better way to go. The crust edges actually get a little crisp to them. I definitely want to use ground sausage next time, or go crazier with the spice step. The meat crust was a bit bland.

If you are gluten free, Paleo, keto, #MB2W, or otherwise carnivorously inclined, this is worth a try.

I don’t know if pizza joints have a secret menu, but I dream of take out meatza!

Also, beautiful “Sunset over Joe’s” and “Bag Leaves The Mothership” photos, in the…photos.

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