DalyDose of…Good Weekend

  • NO – I did not go to Vegas.
  • NO – I did not have a “hot date”
  • NO – I didn’t win the lottery

After a week where I accused of “jassassery” by a numb skull, I had what seemingly was a run-of-the-mill, standard 2-3 days.  Perspective is a powerful lens through which to view one’s existence.  My circumstance of late has been one of a spending freeze due to drastic drop in revenue generation.  I have also felt a bit disconnected from people.  The past few days have served as tonic to mask the symptoms of the aforementioned ails.

Read on for a recap of the weekend joy…


The ever connector and re-connector, Facebook provided me with a simple message that served to reinforce a long-term (since 7th grade) relationship.  She writes a one sentence message:

“Sometimes I “hoard” your blogs and save em up for a good dose when I’m lonely.”

That made me smile and had a lasting effect on my mood.

Friday Night

I got to work on Friday night.  Some might not think of that as a great Friday night, but I was working the camera on a “sizzle reel” for a promising new show.  We got to shoot at a well known night spot in Hollywood.  This was one of those shoots where  the generosity of those in charge made for an enjoyable evening.  After we wrapped, we sampled good food and beverage and chatted with participants from both sides of the camera and bonding ensued.

Saturday Night

Another night of “work”, if we are still calling it that.  My friend Jaye Q. had a show at Universal CityWalk.  You might remember that I directed his “Don’t Say” video.

This show was all dance and funk and it was a great time.  I got to shoot on a Canon 7D, the first time I shot with a DSLR.  I saw some people that I haven’t seen in too long.  I got to hear some great live music and to witness a great show.

I think I might have decided on the target/ideal venue for the one-man-show that I want to put up next year.  The Jon Lovitz Comedy club at CityWalk is a nice spot with a video screen built-in for the multi-media portion of the show.


Well, it’s been a long time since I could say that both the Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines failed to disappoint me in football.  It did help that that both teams had bye weeks this week, but I’ll take two non-losses in a weekend anyway I can.

I also used a coupon code in the Blockbuster Express kiosk.  Normally, a video would cost $1 which is a great deal, but my coupon code let me take TWO movies for that same singular dollar.  That was the cherry on top of my sundae…er…Sunday and the weekend as a whole.

(I rented “Sherlock Holmes” and “Children of Men”)

Monday Morning

Well, I will be up at 6:40 to make my way over the hill to RPM Fitness Studio to teach my Spinning class from 7:30-8:30.  That’s a great way to start the new week! Smile

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