DalyDose of…Hollywood Hike

“I don’t believe in signs…unless they point to what I want” –JD

View Hollywood Sign Hike

I have a sure fire, step-by-step plan to get on top of Hollywood…at least the sign.  The symbolism and inspiration is waiting for you at the top of Beachwood.  The trail is actually called “Hollyridge”.

Your hike starts with all kinds of signs and instructions about what you can/can’t do.  We all IMG_8397know that there aren’t any rules to getting to the top, but the authorities haven’t figured this out yet.   Who knew that smokers can’t get to the top?  I guess the days of smoking being cool in the movies are over.   Also, please note that you have to plan your success to happen between 5am and 10:30pm.  Don’t even think about bringing a dog along for the ride…unless there’s a leash involved.  Bikes? Nope. (Though, I saw this rule violated)

The hike like a well-planned career is a steady climb, not too many steep hills to wear you out and not too many plateaus to let you get comfortable.  There is plenty of beauty around you to keep you motivated.  Unlike Hollywood, the beauty here is 100% real…no silicone or collagen or Botox.  Well, some of the human-wildlife might have displayed some elective mutations, but the rest of the scenery was all nature inspired.

The people that you meet on the way to the top are not at all like the people you encounter in the clubs or on the freeway.  They all say “hello” and “excuse me” and are generally pleasant.  There was not a single occasion where I wished a horrific curse on a fellow Los Angeleno…not one…until we got in the cars and then….well, let’s just say if that woman wakes up with a pimple on the very tip of her nose, she’ll think twice about cutting me off.

At the top of the hill, I got a cool perspective on the city.  Yeah, yeah…you are up high and can see for miles and miles.  What I loved was looking in one direction at downtown Los Angeles and with a turn of the head, I was looking into the “Valley” at Burbank and Glendale.  It’s really does make the city seem a lot smaller than our freeway experience tells us.

I wish I had my old camera with better video capability, but the trusty cell phone has enough quality to get the point across.

Coupling my multi-tasking efficiency with good ‘ole Hollywood vanity, I also used the opportunity for a little track-able exercise.  Using SportyPal I am able to share with you the route that I took.  If you click on  this specific workout, you’ll see some stats, like that I hiked a total of 4.2 miles and burned approximately 349 calories;  Not too shabby for a little stroll.

See, if you do the work, you too can get on top of Hollywood.  To actually touch the dream though, you’ll have to prove your worth.  They have a fence, lots of cameras, a helicopter, police and a fine to keep you away.  I imagine that if you are important or rich enough, you can get permission to go right on up to it.  So once you get on top, you can get inside. (Double entendre intended)

The hike worked.  I was inspired and came up with a new script idea while IM’ing with a friend of mine.  I finally have a romantic comedy idea that doesn’t make me want to throw up…and getting to that took a LOT longer than getting to the top of the hill to the Hollywood sign.

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  1. Are you saying you don’t like silicone?

    • Hey Diane – it’s all good to me. I’m just saying that since we spend so much of our lives in the city with carefully planned aesthetics that it is a different experience to be out in the midst of nature driven decor! 🙂

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