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Interview with Simone Lara

This is the 11th podcast of the the DalyDose of Veterans Intel. The topic is volunteering and my guest is Simone Lara. She is the Chair of the Community Outreach Committee for Hollywood Post 43. She also started the Legion Service Corps.

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JD Reacts to 4D!


I had the fortune of being invited to see a movie in 4D Motion Effects.  Yeah, that sounds a full 6 syllables of impressive.   What is 4D Motion Effects? Is it really that amazing?

Well, check out my post-screening reaction below and then read along for some more thoughts and information about where you can experience this yourself  in Southern California.  Hint: You can pick up a load of fresh strawberries while you’re there.

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My PureView of the Hollywood Sign Hike


Last week, I was in Portland and the change of scenery was great, but you gotta come home, right?  My friend John reminded me that we often forget how interesting the place we live can be.  With that being said, I decided to share one of my favorite hikes in Los Angeles.

In my pursuit of entertainment fame and fortune…or just the ability to pay my bills by doing what I love…I sometimes need perspective.  It’s the kind of perspective that tells you that your awesome even when you can’t get a meeting or a referral or an audition.  Yes, perspective feeds the ego and shuts out negative talk because OBVIOUSLY “they” are the one’s missing out.

OK, enough of that (for now).  Let’s get to the hike.  Every picture was taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020.  Most were taken with the Nokia Camera app, but some were taken with Fhotolens and 4Blend HDR apps.  Finally there are some panorama shots taken with the Nokia Panorama app.  I’d like to say that this was a sponsored piece.  Seriously, Microsoft, Nokia, etc…I’d LOVE to say that this is a sponsored piece.  How ‘bout it?

Yes, there’s the hike.  The picture above is on Beachwood Drive which takes you to the trailhead.   Much like going to the movies or watching TV, the sign reminds you of your destination for the entire journey.  Keep reading past the break to experience the journey with me.

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Take Out Container to Plate


I love Chinese and Thai food.  There’s something about rolling into a Thai restaurant and getting some Pad Kra Prao (Mint or Basil Leaf Chicken).  It’s spicy, complex and delicious, but I’m getting away from the point.

I saw recently on Facebook that you could take a take out container and unfold it to be used as a plate.  It was on the Internet, so it must be true or not be true.  I don’t know what to believe.  They made it seem so easy, so propped the Lumia 1020 onto a tripod and went at it with NO DIRECTIONS.  Yup, I’m crazy like that.

Of course, I asked for a extra container so that you wouldn’t have to see the messy interior of my leftovers…or maybe it was so good that I didn’t HAVE any leftovers and I didn’t want to be judged for my very American appetite. Get off my back, people! Just watch the vid.  Geesh…

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Gary Clark Jr @ Jimmy Kimmel Live


I have wanted to see Gary Clark, Jr. play for a quite a while.  He’s played at venues like The Roxy on the Sunset Strip, but those shows tend to sell out in minutes.

I’m not really sure how it came to be, but I happened upon a link that got me these tickets to see a “mini-concert” taping for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.  If it had been a scam, they would have had me because I clicked it quickly without taking the time to verify whether it was legit or not.  When Gary Clark, Jr. is involved, minutes wasted can leave you wanting.  It was legit and I have video to prove it!

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DalyDose of…Glamorous Saturday

19Ahh, the mystique of the JD Experience.  I hear a couple times a week how my life seems so action packed and exciting.  I think people get this idea from my pictures and postings on Facebook.  I’m usually quick to let them know that it only seems that way because I don’t post the lame and mundane.

I tried to explain this in my previous video posting about popcorn.  Did you see that one?  I’ll wait.

At the risk of ruining both your vision of my glamorous Hollywood existence and the potential for an exciting JD reality project, I will now present to you my Saturday.

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DalyDose of…Hollywood Hike

“I don’t believe in signs…unless they point to what I want” –JD

View Hollywood Sign Hike

I have a sure fire, step-by-step plan to get on top of Hollywood…at least the sign.  The symbolism and inspiration is waiting for you at the top of Beachwood.  The trail is actually called “Hollyridge”. Read the rest of this entry

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