DalyDose of…Girls Are Funny

Deep analytical skills are marketable in business but can be fatal to relationships. –Jeff Daly

 JD Over Specs

I know, I know, I know…it’s hard to believe that this dude is single.  Look at the way he’s peering over those ladies glasses.  (Thanks ‘Dria for letting me get goofy on set with your stuff)  The sad, but true fact is that I am single.  Now, there isn’t a shortage of women around.   It’s just that there have been strange interactions lately and I’m convinced that women are either all really funny or I’m the only one noticing.  The following are all recent examples of the great gender divide:

Post Relationship Time

Women mourn the loss of relationships differently than men.  I remember the ending of the last ‘relationship’ that I had of minor significance (6 or 7 months).  I also remember having a date the next day.  I know and flirt and hang with a woman who recently got out of a relationship of a similar length and she’s “not ready” and still “getting over” the loss.  Now don’t get me wrong, when my long-term relationship ended, I went through exactly 30 days of mourning.  I know it was 30 days because I circled the 30th day on a calendar and wrote “get over it”.  

Besides the mourning period, I identify with this woman a lot.  She was so up-front with how she was feeling and I respected that a ton.  She was also the inspiration of a very cool romantic comedy idea that I am going to write. 


TWO Much Communication?

I know these two women and they spend a lot of time together.  I thought it was a pretty common practice that when you want to say the same thing to two people,  that you can send the same text.  For example, if a group of people are all traveling at the same time and going to the same place, isn’t it OK to say “travel safe” in a group text?  If they happen to be going to Vegas and have returned, is it a huge slap in the face to ask them all if they won any money?

I actually got reprimanded for this because the two mentioned above felt “insulted” and will refuse to communicate if they get the same text.  This was infuriating enough to let me know about and to issue rules.  Now, I imagine that this level of sensitivity would also be tripped if I were to communicate with one and not the other.  I guess I can’t win.  I mean REALLY, a text is 140 characters, so I don’t know how much personalization they expect to get from an inherently generic form of communication.  Maybe I’m wrong about this so if anyone agrees with them, please let me know cuz right now I’m thinking that the whole scenario is plain crazy. 

Forbidden Flirtation

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who you’ve known a long time and discussed why you never had a relationship?  I’ve done that several times and it’s always surprising when people let you know they were into you at the same time you were into them.  That’s crazy enough.

What’s even more crazy is when it’s someone that you had a relationship with a long time ago and she’s now married.  I try to keep up the ‘decorum’ because I respect other people’s relationships, but the curiosity of asking the “what if” questions about the past are tempting.

Why are these situations so much more communicative years later than they were during the relationship.  I’m convinced there is a freedom to the forbidden.  There is safety in knowing that it isn’t going to go anywhere.

LADIES, PLEASE feel free to be open with your thoughts and feelings…ya know…when it can make a difference!  I’m just sayin.


I do have to admit that after my birthday, no ladies gave me any crap and I think a few of them had reason to.  I can’t be too hard on y’all, but that doesn’t discount the fact that y’all are funny…crazy funny!

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  1. You’ve said it yourself. Never date an actor.
    Even your own odds are against you!

    • I didn’t say that, Joe. I only posted the link to the Facebook group. I think actors are fine people to date…if you’re not interested in the crushing burden of a mortgage or the whussy reliance on retirement funds. 🙂

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